Visiting Wellness Practitioners

It’s time to realign your focus on your wellness and our visiting practitioners are here to guide you, from sound healing to naturopathy to the aqua therapy methods of Watsu. Find out more details below and make a reservation for a holistic wellness experience.

Coco Maruno

16th November – 14th December 2023

Coco is a holistic healer who helps others achieve transformational growth, inner peace, improved health, radiance, and beauty through Kundalini Yoga, meditation and energy therapy.

During her month-long residency, she will share yoga and meditation techniques, reiki healing practices, face yoga routines, Coco’s signature energy therapy, sacred internal organs hara massage and sacred womb hara massage.

Jang Kanlayanee

15th December 2023 – 31st January 2024

Jang is a Thai practitioner with over 20 years of experience. Her treatments focus on aligning the body and mind back into balance through wellness and yoga therapies.

During her residency, she will provide emotional release massage, foot reflexology and reiki healing with crystals, body alignment yoga and crystal sound healing with singing bowls.