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Learn to Snorkel

Make Waves

Always wanted to learn how to snorkel? This one hour session will equip you with the basic snorkeling techniques. Build your confidence in deeper water and observe the marine life underwater.

Minimum 2 Persons

1 Hour      US$35 per person

Excursions, Watersports,

Snorkeling Lesson

Become an Expert

Take a private lesson to improve all the basic skills to begin your underwater snorkeling adventure. Swim along the resort house reef and discover the vibrant marine life. Take a loved one along and discover the fun of snorkeling together.

Minimum 4 Persons

1 Hour      US$ 75 per person

Excursions, Watersports,

Discover Snorkeling

Corals are Calling

Explore the house reef and swim with schools of vivid reef fish. Find eels hiding underneath the rocks and spot fully camouflaged octopus and stonefish. Look out for the colorful lionfish hunting for preys.

Minimum 4 persons

1 Hour      US$ 65 per person

Excursions, Watersports,

Night Snorkeling

Sleep with the Fish

The underwater marine life changes dramatically after sunset. Corals transform into living animals, blooming out in stunning colors and feeding with their tentacles. Many creatures feed at night that are not around during daylight. Eels and octopus, lobsters and shrimps are all much more active at night. Don’t miss out on this spectacular adventure.

Minimum 4 Persons

1 Hour     US$110 per person

Excursions, Watersports,

Snorkeling Safari

Life Below

South Ari Atoll is rich with a range of beautiful marine life including stunning coral reefs, schools of colorful fish and anemones. Experience some of this underwater magic on our Snorkeling Safari where our experienced snorkel guide will
show you the beauty that awaits you in the underwater world.

Minimum 4 Persons

2.5 Hours US$ 125 per person

Excursions, Watersports, Family,

Turtle Safari

Shell Out

It is common to spot endangered species of turtles in the Maldives. They are usually feeding on the reef or resting by the rocks. This trip will take us to “Turtle Reef” where we can snorkel alongside endangered Hawksbill sea turtles and endangered Green turtles.

Minimum 4 Persons

2.5 Hours     $125 per person

Excursions, Watersports,

Adventure Snorkeling

Meet & Greet

Join us for an adventure just an hour away from the resort to experience the Maldives’ abundant marine life. Witness turtles feeding on the reef and enjoy the spectacular view of sharks swimming by. Spot magnificent Napoleon Wrasse, one of the world’s biggest reef fish, and try to find Nemo dancing inside the colorful anemones.

Minimum 4 Persons

4 Hours     US$200 per person


Sunset Fishing

Play Catch

What better way to enjoy the beautiful Maldivian sunset than with a Sunset Fishing trip. Popular with families and friends, experience bottom-line fishing in traditional Maldivian style using lines and baited hooks on handheld reels. Hook a red snapper, white snapper, grouper or barracuda, bring your catch back and let one of the resort’s chef prepare it for you for an additional charge.

Minimum 4 Persons

2 Hours     US$110 per person


Big Game Fishing

Game On

Embark on this multi-sensory trip with an early morning boat ride. Gear up and head along the reef as the beautiful sunrise appears on the horizon. Enjoy the thrill of battling with dogtooth tuna, mahi-mahi, wahoo and giant trevally.
Choose to release your catch or have your catch prepared by a resort chef for an additional charge.

Maximum 6 Persons

Minimum 2 hours boat hire

Per Hour US$ 550

Excursions, Food,

Private Island Escapade

Paradise Awaits

Indulge in the serenity of a sandbank amid the ocean where you can relax under a gazebo, stroll leisurely along the beach or swim in the turquoise water with your loved ones. Gourmet picnic and refreshment can be arranged upon request with additional charge.

Minimum 4 Persons

4 Hours     US$ 375 per person


Whale Shark Talk & Tour

Whale of a Time

Before we embark on the search for the majestic whale shark, we will share with you an educational presentation about these gentle giants. The whale shark is the largest plankton-eating shark in the world measuring a maximum size of 12.6m. One of the best places in the world to swim alongside them is right here in South Ari Atoll.

Minimum 4 Persons

4 Hours    US$ 200 per person


Private Whale Shark Talk & Tour by Yacht

Whale of a Time

Take your loved ones along on this private yacht in search for the majestic whale shark. After an educational presentation on the whale shark, we are ready to board the yacht. Frequently sighted in the South Ari Atoll, don’t miss out on this great opportunity to swim alongside the gentle giant.

Maximum 8 Persons

Minimum 2 hours boat hire

Per Hour US$ 750

Additional Person US$ 75


Private Whale Shark Talk & Tour by GulfCraft

Whale of a Time

Take your loved ones along on this private speed boat in search for the majestic whale shark. After an educational presentation on the whale shark, we are ready to board the speed boat. Frequently sighted in the South Ari Atoll, don’t miss out on this great opportunity to swim alongside the gentle giant.

Maximum 8 persons

Minimum 2 hours boat hire

Per Hour US$ 375

Additional Person US$ 75


Adventure Dolphin Cruise with Yacht

Feeling Lucky

Over 20 species of whales and dolphins inhabit the waters of the Maldives. South Ari Atoll is home to a large portion of these majestic animals. Relax with a glass of bubbly and enjoy some canapes on our luxury yacht. As we glide through the azure waters, spot dolphins playing with the bow wake of the boat and some even perform stunning aerial tricks!

Minimum 4 Persons

2 Hours     US$ 275 per person


Amber Yacht Cruises

Cruising through

Hop on board this spectacular sailing yacht and cruise along beautiful lagoons and reefs. Enjoy the serenity of sailing and spot schools of dolphins playing at the bow wake of the yacht. Perfect for sunset cruise, dolphin cruise and intimate private charters.

Sunrise Sailing
3 Hours Per Person US$ 450
Minimum 4 Persons

Sunset Sailing
2 Hours Per Person US$ 295
Minimum 4 Persons

Half Day Cruise
4 Hours Per Person US$ 475
Minimum 6 Persons

Picnic On Deserted Island
5 Hours Per Person US$ 650
Minimum 4 Persons

Private Charter
Minimum 2 Hours US$ 900
Maximum 9 Persons


Sunset Cruise with Yacht

Cruise through cotton candy sunsets

A highlight of the Maldives is the breathtaking sunset with the sky ablaze in a multitude of colors. Enjoy this mesmerizing and relaxing experience on board our luxury yacht, complete with bubblies and canapes. There’s nothing like a beautiful sunset cruise to end a perfect day in paradise.

Minimum 4 Persons
2 Hours      US$ 275 per person


Dolphin Cruise with Gulfcraft Speedboat

Feeling Lucky

Join us on this exciting cruise where we regularly encounter spinner dolphins, bottlenose dolphins and occasionally pilot
whales. Witness incredible acrobatics when these animals come out to play and create lasting memories. Whilst searching for these playful animals, you can enjoy the spectacular Maldivian sunset.

Minimum 4 Persons
1.5 Hours     US$ 140 per person

Cruises, Food,

Sunrise Cruise with Yacht

Wake up with Luxury

Perfect for early risers. Head out to the ocean before the day begins and catch the rising sun. Enjoy a light breakfast served on board the yacht and watch flying fish leaping out of the water. Put on your snorkeling gear, jump into the water and swim with the other early risers of the marine world. A tranquil way to begin the day.

Minimum 4 Persons
3 Hours    US$ 375 per person


MAJAA Explorers Hub

Little Adventurers

From marine adventures to sports and games, we offer a world of discovery, just waiting to be explored by our junior guests.


Bubble Making for Kids

Junior Snorkeling

Gear up in the shallow water and get familiar with the basics of scuba diving. Successful bubblemakers can enjoy additional lagoon dives and enroll in our PADI seal team programs.


Ocean Watersports

Catch our Drift

Enjoy everything our watery wonderland has to offer, from peaceful paddle boarding to adrenaline-filled X-Jetblading and everything in between.


Ocean Dive Center

Dive In

Join scuba courses and excursions for amateurs and experts alike. Discover life below the surface, full of coral, turtles and rays.


Roll your own Chinese Noodles

Hands On

Master the art of​ making dumplings, handmade noodles and dim sum wrappers with our chef in the ocean-facing kitchen.


FARI Boutique

In the Bag!

Located on the main island, our luxury boutique features international designers with collections for women, men, children and home. Brands include Odabash and Lenny Niemeyer.

Hours: 10:00AM-6:00PM daily